everett handmade acoustic guitars
everett handmade acoustic guitars

Everett # 805

Video Overview of #805
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Bel Aire del Arte

"Warm thunderous voice without sacrificing crisp highs. Wow!"

AAA figured Australian Blackwood - top and back

New bridge with bolder Blackwood insert

double bevel cutaway - macassar ebony

Spanish cedar, walnut, and mahogany neck

splated maple mini arm bevel

double bevel cutaway - macassar ebony

Custom made Ameritage Case

Video Overview of #805
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Fingerstyle Sample Clip Here
(When some of my talented customers drop by, I will get some more styles.)

Even pretty on the inside - Mountain Aire art-scape

splated maple mini rib bevel

$16,500 - with custom Ameritage case
I built this guitar nearly 3 years ago and have kept it simply to enjoy ,
show off to shop visitors, and take to the occasional guitar show...
This allows me now to sell it at a really large discount.
Time to find it's new home.

#805 is on hold .

You don't often see one of my guitars discounted like this, so if tempted - snag it.