The Ever-etts
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I have the best customers on the planet!

Brad Paisley, Amy Ray (Indigo Girls), Don Conoscenti, Bebo Norman, Kristian Bush (Billy Pilgrim), Matthew Kahler, Shawn Mullins, Pat Buchanan (Hall & Oats, Cyndi Lauper), David Wilcox,John Beltzer (Songs of Love), Rich Williams (Kansas), Frank Rodgers (EMI Nashville)


I took my new Everett just to show off but rehearsal ended early and I had time to sit in the corner and play it.
The venue isn't large but will seat a couple hundred and has a high ceiling. After I had played for a while the band leader
came over and said "I can't believe that little guitar projects like that. I could hear it on the other side of the room.
I sounded like it was coming out of the system." I was actually trying to play softly so not to bother anyone.
Thought you would get a kick out of that. - Vincent

everett guitar happy customers

everett guitar happy customer

Richard Hardin with his new Everett Petite. I have know Richard a long time. He has an Everett from many years ago , an Everett mandolin, and I am building him an Everett Mandola. Andmost importantly,
he has 2 Everett Guitar hats.


Vincient Mo -
Everett Alienzo 2016

Vincent and Bonnie's baby announcement
with Vincent's new Everett .
Life is good.


Bryan Craft - 2016

Bryan withhis new Everett Petite.
Beautiful guitar to match
that beautiful voice.
We had a lot of fun. Thanks Bryan.

"To me, a big part of the experience was getting to make a new friend. It's really obvious that you care a lot about the guitar and the people.
It feels very personal, and I don't think there are many luthiers who would put in that kind of heart

Jonathan Wareham's Ted Talk featuring his Everett Guitar.

everett guitar happy customers
everett guitar happy customers

everett guitar happy customers

My name is Ben Johnson. I’m a singer songwriter based in Minneapolis. I’ve had my Everett since ’96. Every guitar shop I’ve sat down in- I always walk out saying, “ I have yet to find a guitar I like better than the Everett… Truly, it’s balanced sound and clarity of articulation are nearly unmatched!
It definitely has seen me through many things and has co-created many songs! It’s my prize posession - when people ask the question: “if your house was on fire what would you grab first?”
I’d grab my guitar!


Just in time for 2015 (Jan.1)
Mark on the Big Island, Hawaii
has his first Everett on his knee.
Mahalo Mark.

"Hey Carlos, Yesterday was a baaaaddd day, worst I’ve had in a long time…came home ,
opened the grey case,
took out the Everett and played.
Everything melted away".


Mark, that made my day. Thanks.


My buddy Shantell Ogden is a singer/songwriter living in Nashville and working in the music industry. She isn't afraid of 7th chords, taking chances, and admitting that her Everett would be
the one item she would take if
her house was on fire.

shantell's music

Ben sent this kind note in 2015.


everett guitar happy customers

Dennis Yurong
Everett # 521 from Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii

everett guitar happy customers
everett guitar happy customers

everett guitar happy customers

Debbie got Larry's second Everett (Catalina) for Christmas. Wahooo! What a Christmas gift.
That is a happy Moody Christmas tree.


Kathy Johnson's husband Jeff came and took a 6 day guitar building class and went home with an Everett for his wife. I think all three of us are feeling lucky!


Eric Norman has a new favorite guitar.
(Everett Sofia) Thanks Eric. The music is wonderufl!





everett guitar happy customers
everett guitar happy customers
  everett guitar happy customers

My long time friend Don Conoscenti in concert. photo by Melissa Bugg

This is Don's fourth Everett , and who knows how many awards and contests this guy has won? How many capos can you spot?


Big Daddy in 'command central' of the Juggernaut Jug Band.

Yes they do have a wash-tub bass, and yes they are really good. Be sure to keep an eye open for these guys in concert.

 Chuck and his biggest fan. //////////////////////
Chuck loved his Laurel so much that he ordered an Elan. His Elan is featured in the 'construction / completed' section and shows off a little inlay that he cut himself.
everett guitar happy customers   everett guitar happy customers  
everett guitar happy customers

Tim visiting the new shop.

Tim helps with this webpage and had me build him a big A.C. model a few years ago. He plays a beautiful DADGAD Celtic style on his little Everett. Of course, Tim is a "guitar nut" like the rest of us. Check out his web page: WoodSong.


Kevin and Kyle in concert.
Photos of Kevin's Elan are at the gallery section. It was so much fun building his guitar! Today he is in concert with his son Kyle. Looks like Kyle is also holding a 'fine handmade' guitar.


Jeff and Rhonda visiting the shop.

Hot guitar player + pretty wife + smokin' guitar = fire extinguisher.

everett guitar happy customers
everett guitar happy customers
everett guitar happy customers

Leon, with his O model, visiting the shop.
I have known Leon for a million years. This is his 5th Everett. Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, and thanks. If Richard Thompson had a car crash with Fiona Richie, somehow Leon would come to mind.

 I have a ton of respect for anyone who can make a living playing music.

This is Hank Berumen.

Another Everett on order! Thanks Hank!


Scott played and played and just could not say "no". Kind of like the puppy at the dog-pound that comes up to you and hops in your lap. What are you gonna do?

Thanks Scott!

everett guitar happy customers
everett guitar happy customers
everett guitar happy customers

Chris Everett (singer / songwriter) got his Everett when he visited the U.S. a few years ago. He took the name 'Everett' as his stage name. So, he is not related other than being related to all of us with the love of killer acoustic music. Be sure to check out his website and hear him in concert when in Germany.


Meet Christopher and Carys Williams
the British singing sensation.

Carys has been listening to Chris play his Everett since the 'start of time'. What fun! Thanks Chris.

Chris' new website.

 "Thanks you so much for making the deal happen with my dad. It has taken a good 3 1/2 years of begging in order to finally get "an Everett." Honestly, I am more impressed and pleased than I ever thought I would be."

everett guitar happy customers
everett guitar happy customers

everett guitar happy customers

This is Darrell Jennings with # 1 of only 3 of the 30th Anniversary Everetts.

I have known Darrell a million years and he ownes a bunch of Everetts

(He is a killer photographer too!)

He drove down to Atlanta to get his guitar.
We had a blast!

He now has a business building
guitar humidors.


We had fun, we ate seafood, we drank wine,
and we built a guitar.

Scott took my 4 day guitar building class,
worked on this guitar, and later came back to pickup his Azaela Everett.

Judy said, "Now I see who my
new competition is.

Well the Ever-etts keep spanning the Globe.

Here is Hartmut "Hardy" Kathmann in
Torgan (East) Germany
with Everett # 223.
Hardy found his Everett in cyberspace.
Looks like the guitar finally found
a happy home. Hoorah!
everett guitar happy customers
everett guitar happy customers
everett guitar happy customers

I met Jason Kostal when he took a
guitar building class from me.
What a great guitar player.
He has studied with all my heros. He sings great, writes great songs, and has over 30 high end guitars
(4 are Everetts).
But that is only part of Jason's story.
This is one interesting guy.
Catch him in concert when you can.


Why is this guy so happy?

Well Dan scored the last 2 Laurel 12 string for his studio Range Entertainment.

He also has a custom built Everett with his favorite dog Maggie inlaid on the peghead
Thanks Dan!



From Russia with a big smile.

Anton Anokin sends us a photo of our first Everett in Russia.
Thanks Anton, it looks like this Everett has found a good home!

Now there are Everetts in the US, Canada, Japan, Germany, England, France, Switzerland,...

everett guitar happy customers
everett guitar happy customers

everett guitar happy customers

Yep, Mark Kunkle has a halo.
Not only because he is a good guy, but
because he has had 3 Everetts. On this fun day he finally
got his first new one.
That qualifies for a halo, no?


Well, Tony Rose bought a couple of my guitars a million years ago at the CAAS conferences that I used to attend (Chet Atkins Appreciation Society).

Here is Tony with the Everett he "plays everyday". He was a great picker 15 years ago, I can only imagine ...


Michele Glisson got this guitar for husband Bob for his 50th.
(With help from fellow Everett
owner Scott Stevens.)

"He was absolutely floored to get this guitar. He plays it almost everyday and just really loves it. "

Well, that's my kind of birthday!

everett guitar happy customers

Shantell year 2000 with her
first Everett.


everett guitar happy customers

Craig Griffiths playing a lulabye
for his biggest fans
(Yep, there are two dogs there.).

A dog lover like me, Craig has supplied my shop with wonderful acoustic music for years.

Thanks Craig.


everett guitar happy customers

It is really an astonishing guitar. Perfect sound and perfect handling just as esp. made for me.

The Metrocaster is probably the best sounding guitar I had.
( And I have Goodalls, Lowdens, Howell & Forsyth, Eggle, Lakewood, ... )

best regards from Germany

Thanks Uwe !

everett guitar happy customers
everett guitar happy customers

everett guitar happy customers

I must admid: this is not only an instrument - it is a piece of art. Even if you don't play you have to look at it and discover
little by little those little treasures you built in.
The instrument is extremely good balanced - no bases no middle- or hightones prevail or are dominating the sound pattern.

Thanks Hans!


Hoots was designed by my buddy puppeteer Chuck Robinson.
Of course Hoots is playing an Everett , just like one of Chuck's two Everetts.


(I wonder how long it would take to wear the WOW keys
out on my board?? "

Danny playing The Valentino.
Does he look happy?

Danny Brevard

Please visit his great acoustic guitar shop.


everett guitar happy customers

Ed Angelo and his "High Breed" Everett
Classic /Electric. We had fun designing and building Ed's guitar. I say "we" because he had a lot of input into it's design.
" Everything is perfect on this guitar and I will have you know that the "soul" of the High Breed is and has consistently remained ever-present and ever increasing each time I play it. The action workmanship and attention to detail still holds true-to-form since the day that I purchased from you back in 2005."

Thanks Ed!


everett guitar happy customers

Greg Davidson is a magician. He is fun. And he is one of those guitar players that keeps telling you he is not any good while he plays something wonderful on the guitar.
Be sure to check-out what he and his lovely wife (Jane Riley) do with their talents.



everett guitar happy customers

Eric Sutter with his new Everett Alienzo.

"I've been playing the guitar every day, and it's the best thing I've ever had my hands on. My brother has played for many years at clubs in Seattle and L.A., and he said he's never heard a sound that nice from an acoustic before.

This guitar is quite literally
a dream come true! "

Thanks Eric and Ellen!

"Hi, Been a while. I'm sure you remember that night over 20+ years ago when Pat Buchanan sold me that guitar to give my best friend Jay at that Night club. How you showed up and surprised us both with the story of the guitar and how the Indigo Girls were supposed to have it. And how there is a sister 12 string. For my 50th Birthday last year he attempted to contact Amy and see if she still had it. A year and a half passed so he gave up when out of nowhere Amy Ray E-mailed. She still had the guitar but rarely plays 12's anymore. She wrote since we knew the importance of Everett Guitars and we had the sister guitar that she would sell it to us, after all, it deserves to be played. So the story is full circle and we have #44 and #45. I learned how to play on a 12 string and couldn't be happier! The guitar has been around the world, played thousands of shows and found a gracious new home. Jay plays his every day still and I can't put my Everett down. "

Do I have the nicest customers or what!

More Friends and Customer Links

Bebo Norman (singer-songwriter-guitarist)
Sherrie Sneed (guitar collector - guitarist - quality pet supplies)
Brad Paisley (singer-songwriter-guitarist)
Caleb Caruth (singer-songwriter-guitarist)
Keith Gehle (classical guitar - perforamnce)

Danny Brevard (high end guitar shop ~ occasionally Everetts for resale)

Guild of American Luthiers (guitar builder's association - Everett member since 1978)
Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans (guitar builder's association - Everett founding member)
Guitar Foundation of America (classical guitar association)
Gremio de Maestros Artesanos de la Guitarra Española (Spanish guitar builder's guild)

& so many more.
A thousand thanks!

The best customers on the Planet!

Let's add your link. More photos coming.
everett guitar wedding cake

Kent, I got married a month ago and wanted you to see my 'Groom's Cake'.
It's a copy of my Everett ... Anyway, I thought you might get a kick out of this."
An Everett wedding cake! - Richard Hardin

Some fun letters:

I've had my (other guitar) for over 15 years, and over that time it has opened up very nicely. But it doesn't even hold a candle to my brand new Everett! When I strum the (other guitar), I hear 6 notes. When I strum your guitar, it's like there's a whole choir behind every string. I can't even begin to imagine what this guitar will sound like in 10 years.

While I was playing the guitar, I unfortunately had some stomach discomfort - it began to turn and rumble down there. I stopped playing to go to the bathroom and realized that my stomach was fine.
The rumbling was the reverberation of the guitar!

What an amazing instrument. I'm just beginning to get to know it, and I'm excited about the journey ahead!

Well, as usual, my new Everett completely blew my clothes off! Here I sit in my shop, completely neckid
and panting like a 2 year old dog in a room full of hot female dogs ...

"I'm convinced that there are more luthiers out there today than
ever before. But to put out a great guitar you have to have more than a
workshop and power tools. None of the many luthiers with whom I have had
some sort of contact make a guitar that plays as well as yours, nor do
they seem to have the deep respect for "art" which is evident in your
work. If I pick up a classical either the bass is too bassy or the
trebles don't ring. I've yet to hear a steel string that rings like my
Everett. Last night, after playing about an hour on my
nylon Everett I walked it from the bedroom to the den. It rang all the
way, and that's a nylon string guitar!! Sometimes when I open the case
on the steel string I expect to hear it still resonating the last note I
played before I put it away."