Pricing History

What's my Everett Worth? Man, who knows!

1977 - 1990 All of these guitar were built as 'one off ' instruments, and you will find a variety of: archtop guitars, archtop electric guitars, mandolins, a dobro or two, electric guitars (with the patented Everett body shape), and of course acoustic instruments. There are not many of these guitars out there. I was only building 6 - 10 instruments a year and unless someone dies and you can pry the guitar form their cold clammy hands, you probably will not find one.
"This is my only guitar that my wife does not want me to sell!"

They are simply dated without a serial number.
What are they worth?

I have seen an archtop guitar of mine that sold new for in 1986 for $1300 go for $3600 in 1999.
So ..., who knows?

1991 - 1996 (30 - 50 guitars annually . Serial Number = guitar number / year)
These are the beginning years of my guitar production full time. It grew from 4 guitars a month to 5 instruments per month. All acoustic steel string guitars. There are 30 guitars out there with walnut or rosewood back and sides , satin finish, and cedar or spruce tops that are called the 'Artist' series. I used these guitars to develop my production and they sold for less than $1000 each including case. After that I started using the rosewood and spruce combination primarily. All solid wood instruments with abalone rosettes, ivoroid or tortous plastic bindings. The early guitars with rosewood fingerboard and later ones with ebony boards. The earlier ones listed new for $1650 and the later ones went for a $1860 list price. They were all sold through stores and of course discounted a bit.

1997- 1999 (50 guitars annually. Serial Number = guitar number / year)
These guitars were called the Emerald Series guitars. Most of them had a little emerald somewhere on the fingerboard. (usually the 12th fret) Again primarily sold through stores with the list price going form $1860 to $2100. Rosewood and spruce predominate. Mostly with wood bindings. Upgraded instruments were the Silver Series $3200, the Sierra Series $3400 and the Elite Series $3600

1999 - 2001 (50 guitars annually. Serial Number = guitar number / year)
The Milano Series replaces the Emerald Series with a base price of $2885 and rose to $3200. All wood bindings and use of exotic veneers. Wood bound sound hole, wood bound peghead, use of color veneers, Schaller tuners with ebony buttons. Upgraded guitars include the Sierra Series $3600 & the
Elite Series

2001 (20 guitars. Serial Number = guitar number / year)
This is a transitional year for Everett guitars. During the year 2001 the Everett Laurel Series started to grow to the point where the Everett Milano production backed down to 2 guitars per month.
The Milano Series list price rose to $4200. These were primarily custom orders.

2001 The Laurel Series - 1st edition - (Numbers 1 - 29)
The Laurel Series are 128 guitars that Everett built in conjunction with a high quality factory in Nagoya Japan, Terada. The Laurel First Edition was solid Sitka topped with laminated rosewood back and sides, and all had highly flame Maple bindings, Maple rosette, and Rosewood fingerboard and bridge. List price $1375 (cutaway add $175)

2002 The Laurel Standard - (Numbers 30 - 78)
were all solid wood with rosewood fingerboards and bridges and a maple line rosette. List price $1875 (cutaway add $175)

2002 Elan Everett is now only available as a custom order. Beginning in 2002, these guitars are built and sold only direct from the workshop of Everett guitars. The finest materials and built one at a time by Kent Everett. Prices $5600 - $6400. They are signed and dated individual works of art.

2003 The Laurel Select (Numbers 79 - 128) is introduced upgrading the Laurel Series to Ebony Fingerboards, Abalone Rosettes, custom tuners with Ebony buttons, List prices start at $2100 (cutaway add $175)
Sadly due to the problems associated with international business, 2003 was the last year of the Everett Laurel Series guitars.
Laurel workshop and photos

2003 - 2004 The Everett Elan is offered at $6200 - Everett Concert Classical at $6200 The Elan and Concert Classical are built entirely by Kent Everett in his shop in Atlanta and are only available by custom order. Orders grow to a 3 year back log.

2004 - 2005 The Everett Celona and Azalea are added. No more than 3 Celonas or 3 Azaleas are built each year.

The Celona is not built to custom order, but is used to try new ideas, woods, ...
They are built in between the Elan orders and pricing starts at $5200.
The Azalea
is built entirely by Everett and is used as the example guitar for the 'Art of the Guitar' construction class held at the Everett workshop. 2004 Azalea prices - $2300. 2005 Azalea prices (material upgrade) $3800.

2005 - 2008 The Everett Elan became the custom order Everett model. Prices $8900 - $12,500. In 2006 Everett stopped taking Elan orders in order to get caught. A 5 year wait seemed a little ridculas.

2008 The Alienzo replaces the Elan as the custom order Everett.
Prices - $10,750 - $14,000.

2008 The Valentino is a new concept in building a guitar that combines fine art work and fine instrument craftsmanship.
Prices start at $23,000.

2008 The Metrocaster is intorducted (The prototype was called the Melita.) The Metro pricing started at $6000 but grew to a price of $9800 due to it's limited annual production. The last mMetro was built in 2009. The crummy economy put an end to a cool guitar design.

2009 - 2013 The Catalina is introduced in 2009 as a response to tight financial times. Everett offers an instrument with many of his trade mark characteristics for an affordable price. Introdutory pricing is $5000 , then due to material cost, climbs to $5800 in 2009. The series is completed in 2013 and replaced with Model 14.

2009 - Present . The Alienzo Series is Everetts top of the line and still his most popular guitar.
2009 prices are in the $12k range and
2014 prices = $13,500.

2016 - New - Rialto model(~$7000), Petite continues (~$7500) , Alienzo continues (~ $13,000) and the Bel Aire is born (~ $9500)

2019 - He still offers the Alienzo ($14.500), The Petite ($10.500) and the Bel Aire ($12.500) directly from his website.
The Catalina 3.0 is offers as a semi ;custom instrument starting at $6800


2011 - 2018 come in two models:
E4 oval hole with sound port or E5 modern f-holes. Mandos intro price - 2011 prices = $3600 - $3800.
2014 - 2018 - prices = $4850

2017 - 2018 - Everett Mandola = $5200

2019 - No more mandos. Sorry.

All prices are full list prices and do not include options such as cutaways , inlays, custom woods, etc. . Also condition plays a great roll in resale value, so be sure to have the guitar inspected before buying to make sure you do not buy a repair job.



Special Label
BP means Blue Plate - this guitar might have a small mother nature or a tiny finish flaw.
Because of Everett's high standards, these guitar can be discounted up to 20% off base price.

Please note : a) None of this information is chiseled in stone. This is just to give you a rough idea of pricing.
b) Everett guitars have typically gone up in value since original purchase price. ***